Japanese swords

This tanto is currently being appraised.

Stay tuned!

WW2 Japanese NCO Gunto with saya and leather frog ¬£340 

This sword has been field fitted with a habaki and tsuba, which are non standard.

Binzen Wakazhi 1514

This wakizashi has a nagasa of 52cm
Total length including tsuka is 73cm

The swords signature is double and runs on both sides of the nakago. It is translated as " A lucky day in August, the year 1514." "Bizen no kuni Yosazaemonnoj√ī Sukesada. "
The blade although healthy has numerous non fatal chips in the cutting edge and a mixture of rust.


Gunto with antique blade


Mumei tanto in a shirasaya.
The tanto has a nagasa of 16cm long and is in a full polish. The blade shows a lot of activity making this a beautiful blade. Great for mounting or as a study piece.




Chisa Katana

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