Western swords

British p1845 Infantry Officer’s sword

The blade is in good condition and has a fantastic curve to it.

The hilt is sadly missing the folding guard. Apart from that the sword is very nice with a solid grip and tang.

Made by Landon & Morland, 17 Jermyn St, St James's, London. 1848-1856


E'cole de mars style sword 

This sword strongly resembles an E'cole de mars sword, I belive this to be a rare varient.

There are no markings on the scabbard or blade, and the sword features a gladius style tip. The sword is quite blunt and was certainly made that way.


1896 British NCO sword 


British 1796 infantry sword

Beautiful sword up for sale, blade retains temper and spring, still retains a sharp blade. The tang is very secure but the knuckleguard is broken.


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